Natural Repellant


Pure Panama Coconut Oil with
our own organic blend of essencial oils combine to produce an all natural incredibly effective bug repellent.

Used by researchers studying in the thickest of rain forest.

Strong and effective yet perfectly safe for the smallest of

infants to the oldest of adults and those with the

most sensitive skin.

Repelente organico natural

Why cover your body in dangerous
pesticides when you can use safe, powerful
Pure Panama Coconut Oil Natural Bug Repellent?
Our Coconut – essencial oil blend has strong medicinal and
antiseptic properties help guard against infections, use
to treat existing insect bites and to protect your skin from
future bites.



3 thoughts on “Natural Repellant”

    1. Hola Ile, gracias por contactarnos. Estas en la ciudad? si estas en la ciudad te puedo mandar una lista de todas las tiendas que venden nuestros productos, si no estas en Panama puedes comprar en nuestro fb store o en nuestra pagina web.

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Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Beauty Products Harvested From The Rain Forests of Panama

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