Problems with Papaya

Organic Papaya fruit

Organic Papaya fruit in Panama are easy to grow as Panama Adventure blogger describes. Its benefits are underestimated.  Considered one of the healthiest fruits containing a range of vitamins, proteins  and iron. Unfortunately not too many people take advantage of the organic Papaya fruit beneficial properties.  Ideal to prepare milk based (soya milk for vegans) smoothies

Papaya seed oil

Manually cold pressed organic papaya seed oil is loaded with nutrients and vitamin A, C & E. Used in many organic skin care product, contains Papain enzyme to clarify skin and Continue reading Problems with Papaya


7 Uses for Coconut Oil

Uses for Coconut oil

Coconuts….ahhh…who wouldn’t love some piña coladas, a coconut crème pie, or some coconut macaroons. Did you know that the luxuries of coconut go far beyond drinks and deserts? Coconut oil is hands down the best thing that could come from coconuts. The list for uses for coconut oil are endless. Throw out all of your products with chemicals in them – from beauty products to cleaning products. Coconut oil will surpass all of them. Nature Continue reading 7 Uses for Coconut Oil

Why you should start using coconut oil as toothpaste — Love, Cands

You’ve heard it already – coconut oil has endless uses. But one you may be unaware of is that it’s an incredible base for toothpaste! Conventional toothpastes are packed with harmful chemicals and agents, but alternative natural formulas are expensive. So why not start using coconut oil as toothpaste as an affordable alternative that’s excellent […]

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Pure Panama Philosophy


Coconut oil as pure and as fresh as the rainforests of Panama

Our Pure Panama coconut oils are sustainably harvested by the indigenous women of the Ngobe-Bugle community on the islands of Panama. The oil is organic, raw, manually cold-pressed, never bleached, never refined and untouched by chemical processes.

Our oil is not factory produced; each coconut is hand-picked, the coconut meat is hand grated then manually cold pressed. This coconut oil  is unequaled in purity and freshness. Continue reading Pure Panama Philosophy